Throwback Thursday #2 😂woo-hoo on a roll now!

Two weeks in a row! Think I may just barely squeak in under the wire for it being Thursday but it still totally counts!

This week I would like to share one of my favorite projects… A funny story….

Almost a year ago I got a message from one of my old highschool classmates asking if I could make him something to give his father in law for his birthday…. It’s was only a couple of weeks away….

Could i possibly create a giant preying mantis stuffed animal (model/amigurumi/sculpture)…realisitic looking but big big BIG!?!

His reason for such a fun request….

Because his father in law is absolutely terrified of preying mantids! So him being the good sweet son in law that he is what does he do? He gets a custom made …one of a kind …giant phobia-inducing nightmare of a stuffed toy. So thoughtful!

I went into the project not knowing how it would turn out… He warned me there was a strong possibility the finished project could end up in the fireplace! I had no clue just how amazing it would turn out!

The amazing pattern by Jenna wingate made things so easy!

Finished mantis was enormous …fully poseable and articulated !

It was a huge hit with its new owner… We may have even cured his fears!

I even got a message from the designer to use one of my photos as a featured photo for the pattern!

Definitely one of the coolest things I have ever made!

Until next time

Thanks for stopping by!

Ginger 😘💖✌🌻


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Have a great Easter weekend and stay safe!

Ginger ✌💟😘

Hello world!

So excited to be a real website with a blog! I plan to fill this with all sorts of yarny goodness and lots of crafts and DIY tutorials for everyone to try…plus whatever gardening and recipes and utter nonsense from my world. . Cannot wait to see what happens next. .