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I’m such a slacker! (And this is a pointless post)

So sorry.. I have been neglecting my blog once again! So time to play catch up…ive been super busy between miss Ricki getting out of school for the summer to helping my other half prepare and take his cwi exam plus making and adding to my shop… It’s been crazy! Over been slowly adding finished objects to the Etsy store… Still have a ton to add to it!

I purchased a portable closet to use as my shop supply storage area that is working out amazingly! I’m still trying to get organized and moved around… Trying to go thru and get rid of what is not being used has become my biggest challenge. While living in a tiny house with 3 people suddenly home all the time plus a small business things do tend to pile up on me.

I have the hardest time throwing things away that I know I could use for something else. I have enough recycled coffee tins and cereal boxes to last a lifetime! Pretty materials and patterned paper… Cardboard boxes and buttons and everything in between. In less than 500 square feet it makes storage a constant challenge so anytime I find a new way to save space I try it out. Hopefully this week finds time to get my work done so I can go to my moms next week without a guilty conscience lol

Peace and love to everyone out there in internet land. Til next time.